Benefits of Boot Camp

Boot Camps are no longer the latest fitness fad; they have proved they can stay the distance. But, do Boot Camps provide any lasting benefit or complementary cross training to an existing exercise regime? And there are Boot Camps…and there are Boot Camps! Not all are the same, or give the same benefits. Some are little more than schoolyard group exercises; do 10 push ups, 10 star jumps, run round a bit, stop, chat to your neighbour, have a drink of water.

But the benefits of a well run Boot Camp program like BASHAY's, go a lot further. Boot Camps are strenuous exercise, with significant physical results including increased aerobic and anaerobic fitness. For example, Kara, a competitive cyclist, attends RIVER MARKET BOOTCAMP, regularly to help with her training. She says, “Boot Camp definitely works on my upper body strength and increases my cycling power, especially with all the conditioning work we do. “In addition, intense exercise has also been proven to have significant co-benefits, such as rapid reduction of body fat, and increased muscle tone and definition. 

   Also, because Boot Camps train small groups, they can be tailored to individual fitness and strength; whilst some might indeed be elite athletes, others may be injured, or only beginning their new life of fitness. But there’s definitely no slacking in Boot Camp, no matter what your fitness, you are worked to push through your barriers. Helen, an adventure racer, and new Boot Camp recruit, said, “I’m pretty fit, so thought Boot Camp would be, er, a walk in the park. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My shoulders and arms were so stiff after the Boot Camp; I could really see how I’d neglected my upper body in training. Also, the team environment and discipline overcomes my tendency to slack off when I train on my own!”

   Boot Camp training also benefits mental fitness; many recruits feel that they sleep better after a good workout, and if they do Boot Camp in the morning, they are better able to cope with work stresses. Indeed, research has shown that strenuous physical exercise can trigger elevated mood states, an improved sense of well being and ability to cope with stress. Exercise can also alleviate anxiety and depression, and improve mental clarity; for example, some who have ADHD report that exercise helps their ability to think clearly without getting distracted.
   One of the most important benefits of Boot Camp is of course, the value of exercising in a group, as well as the discipline. Many of us wish to get fitter and improve our health, but all too often, our good intentions are temporary. We are so busy and there are so many competing demands for our time, that despite our best intentions, we sometimes fall by the wayside. But if you have to exercise in a team, and they get punished if you don’t turn up, or slack off…well, that is a great motivator. Also, group environments help give support too; some like Kara might be doing Boot Camp for the extra edge needed to win a cycling championship, and some might be doing it just to fit into those Size 8 jeans…but all are doing it to improve their overall fitness and health.
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